• Image of WHITE: a Decade
  • Image of WHITE: a Decade

Set in chronological order, "WHITE: A Decade" documents chapter by chapter a journey thru 10 years of Michael's ground breaking and widely mimicked "White on White" oil paintings dating thru the years 1999-2009.

Each chapter opens with a beautifully illustrated etching set on Vellum.
all are adorned with personal verses the artist had translated into Latin by a scholar in Italy

The Paintings themselves, imagined on side-show walls, are shown in their original frames.

The chapters end with an insightful glimpse into the working process by including the working doodles, thumbnails, and loose sketches that each years body of work and paintings sprang from.

"White" is the very definition of a coffee table book meant to be left out and flipped through time and time again.